Tito’s Blue Train

The blue train – one of the most famous and most popular trains in the whole world was built in 1959 for special needs of former president of SFRY- Josip Broz Tito. Designed as a place that provides accommodation, working conditions and opportunity to complete all protocol obligations while traveling, this train was real residence on wheels in the country and abroad – THE TRAIN OF PEACE.

Equipped with all what was necessary for the luxurious and comfortable traveling, the train was labeled with the good reason as a train saloon. The interior of the train was mostly made of wood. The builders used mahogany, pear and walnut, and saloons and hallways were decorated with marquetry.

The main part of the blue train consists of: apartment saloon of the president, ceremonial conference saloon, dining car, central kitchen, apartment saloon for guests, sleeping car and energy-distribution wagon. The interior in Art Deco style was completed with quality materials (wool carpets, velvet and silk) and preserved in its authentic form.

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