Belgrade sightseeing by river boat

Delta of River Sava and Danube is 100m away from Kalemegdan The Fortress, the place that we call „Usce“. On that place you can see buoy that marks docking of these two beautiful rivers. On that place not only Sava and Danube meets, but also their tributaries. The Danube accepts a lot of Serbian rivers and river Sava accepts rivers from Slovenia, Croatia and Bosnia. This is a place with great energy. And because of that this boy got name ”The Happy Boy“. The birds can feel that energy. Usually you can see them flying freely over the Buoy. 

At this place the Danube is brownish gray, while the Sava is greenish blue and when the weather is steady you can see the connection line. When they connect at this place,no one and nothing can break them apart. The ships that led guests to Belgrade stop for a moment at ”The Happy Buoy“ so they can feel that energy. The custom is: you close your eyes ,open your heart,and make a realistic wish because the wishes doesn’t come true to those who are selfish and unrealistic. And then,like two rivers,nothing can separate them from their wish. Talas-S DMC will find you a suitable boat so you could experience the confluence of rivers Sava and Danube in your own. We cover a lot – from small Monterey speed boats to the big ones that can host up to 200 people.

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