Regional Highlights of the Serbian Region

Belgrade, the capital city​

The capital of Serbia takes pride in its Kalemegdan fortress and park with a romantic view of the confluence of the Sava into the Danube. We invite you to feel its artistic spirit at Kosancicev Venac, its galleries and museums to experience its bohemian atmosphere in Skadarlija cafes, the fun atmosphere in around 500 various clubs, boat clubs and cafes. The sports spirit of Ada Ciganlija, one of the most beautiful city islands in the world, the business atmosphere in New Belgrade, where you will also find the largest Belgrade shopping malls.

Novi Sad, second largest City

The second largest city in Serbia, 80 km north-west of Belgrade, Novi Sad is both a traditional and a modern city elegantly placed on the Danube. Albert Einstein lived with his spouse Mileva Maric in this is the city. Novi Sad is famous for its multicultural spirit and a mixture of architectural styles; Gothic, baroque, secession, neoclassicism, modernism.

Nis, third largest City in Serbia

The birthplace of Emperor Constantine the Great, Nis is the third largest city in Serbia, situated 240 km south- east of Belgrade. The city “Nis” is the Balkans in a nutshell – it is the intersection of history, tradition, lifestyles and mentalities creating the magnificent spirit of this city. Monuments, museums and archaeological sites (Mediana, the Nis fortress, the Skull tower, etc.), as well as the promenade street, music and festivity account for an entirely authentic experience!

Serbia, The Heart of Danube

On its way through Serbia, the Danube River runs along the most astonishing geographical, geological, cultural, and historical sites. The Danube is navigable on its whole course through Serbia (588 km) and constitutes part of the Pan-European Transport Corridor VII, providing many opportunities for sailing and enjoyment.

The Danube River

In Serbia the Danube flows from the Pannon Plateau in the North to Djerdap, the largest river gorge in Europe, inviting you to take an inspiring trip enjoying the stunning views of intact nature, centuries-old culture, towns with their distinctive features and dynamic everyday life of multicultural communities. What best characterizes the Danube flow in Serbia is a perfect harmony between natural and cultural heritage.

Along Historical Routes

The exquisite Serbian heritage from the Antic period will take you back to the time when Roman legions marched here, fighting the barbaric tribes on the Danube river banks. During the period between the third and the fifth century, the area of today’s Serbia, from a marginal border territory, became the heart of political and cultural life in the Roman Empire. You, too, can walk along The Roads of Roman Emperors, across Sirmium (Sremska Mitrovica), one of the four capitals of the Roman Empire, Singidunum (Belgrade) or Viminacium (Kostolac near Pozarevac), one of the most significant military camps and Antic towns.

UNESCO World Heritage in Serbia

Visit the amazing works of Roman construction (Diana, Pontes, Traian’s Road, etc.), Felix Romuliana (near Zajecar), which was recognized as part of the World Heritage by UNESCO, Naissus and Mediana (Nis) and Justiniana Prima (near Leskovac).

  • The Monastery of Studenica
  • Stari Ras – the first capital of Serbia
  • The Monastery at Sopoćani
  • Gamzigrad (Felix Romuliana) Palace of Galerius

Active Vacations in Serbia

Serbia is one of ecologically most preserved places in Europe! We invite you to explore the wealth of its five national parks and more than thirty parks of nature and special nature reserves. Diverse and attractive places in Serbia offer unforgettable adventures and experience – sailing on the widely flowing Danube, trekking in the Serbian mountains hiding an entire universe of flora and fauna, recreational fishing in the still lowland waters or quick foaming mountain waters of fairy-tale beauty, demanding cycling paths, which will take you to the most exquisite sights.

Away From City Crowds

Do you long to get away from the city crowd and engage in invigorating activities? What Serbia has in store for you are its beautiful villages. The rhythm of life in a village is the rhythm of nature, change of seasons, the rhythm of heartbeat – the only true natural order. Lying on the river banks, lined up in the infinite lowlands, scattered in the mountain slopes and peaks, covered by woods, plum trees and vine- yards, the villages of Serbia have an air of peace and quiet.

Moreover, the overall hospitality offered in cities and by villagers completes the enjoyment of these regions. The warm welcome is not a matter of training, it is cordial, simple and natural, as if directed to dear guests, cousins.

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