Talas S DMC


CSR represents the company’s philosophy applied in all business segments, in order to manage its business processes and produce an overall positive impact on society.

Aiming to meet its corporate social responsibility goals, Talas-S DMC, integrates social, environmental, ethical and human rights concerns into its business operations while collaborating with its stakeholders.

Talas-S also promotes awareness amongst its staff about the benefits and importance of adopting environmentally, socially and economically responsible practices. Green office policies are enhanced through recycling, minimizing usage of printed materials, reusing paper for internal purposes and utilizing web based tools. Company advocates and collaborates with local producers and operators who are also embracing sustainable philosophy.

When possible Talas-S offers group programs, aiming to help the society, exchange energy, culture, good will and experience positive vibe.

In this way, Talas-S DMC proactively implements new practices in delivering positive environmental focus.

Talas-S DMC is a Service Provider for planning
Meetings & Events in Serbia.