Measuring more than 80 kilometres in length, Kopaonik is the largest mountain massif in Serbia and one of the most popular tourist destinations, both in the winter season and during the summer months. It owes its name to the plentiful mineral resources that have been excavated here since ancient times. With more than 200 days of annual sunshine, it has also been nicknamed “the sunshine mountain”, while many also affectionately refer to it by its abbreviated name “Kop”. 

What gives Kopaonik mountain its specific appeal is its recognisable landscape with dense coniferous forests. From the high peaks of Kopaonik, you can enjoy the view all the way to Šar Mountain, Komovo and Stara planina, as the fresh mountain air fills your lungs with each deep breath you take. Due to its outstanding natural value, Kopaonik has been declared a national park. As you walk along its forests, you will pass by as many as 1,600 different plant species, four of which are endangered species in Europe.

Kopaonik offers ideal conditions for active holidays year-round and is the most popular Serbian ski resort. The Ravni Kopaonik plateau is home to a huge tourism complex, with many beds and an expansive system of ski slopes and gondola lifts. Visitors can choose between as many as 24 gondola lifts and numerous ski lifts and can hone their skiing skills to perfection on category 1 ski slopes. They also have 12 kilometres of Nordic skiing trail. Kopaonik does not grind to a halt when the winter season ends. During summer months, visitors can choose one of the many available hiking tours through pristine nature.

Welcome to Serbia! Welcome to Kopaonik!

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