Mecavnik – Mokra Gora & Sargan Eight

Within the Mokra Gora Nature Reservation, actually The region with special features and Mokra Gora Nature Park and the “Sargan Eight” railway on the Šargan Mountain, there is a wonderful Mećavnik Hill where the famous Film Director Emir Kusturica built his magic and exceptional traditional/ethno-village and the Film Academy “DRVENGRAD” – “WOODENTOWN” – KUSTENDORF. The Mecavnik Drvengrad Kustendorf Wooden Town is 4 stars luxurious facility, as Kusturica said his “life project”, inspired by the best knownIvo Andrić’s Nobel-winning novel, “The Bridge on the Drina River”.

Decision to establish the Mecavnik – unique touristic and artistic settelement-Film Academy in the middle of the wonderful intact nature of the breathtaking Tara National Park-Mokra Gora Nature Reserve, Kusturica made during the shooting of his ingenious film “Life is miracle”. The construction of Drvengrad tourist settlement, 4 stars compex, followed the idea of a perfect life beyond everyday routine, abandoned into the magic of nature and the call of tradition, keeping in the same time the links with the current moment.

Kusturica has worked with the likes of Johnny Depp, Faye Dunaway, Jerry Lewis and Iggy Pop and numerous famous artists and personalities.Within the unique Wooden Town tourist settlement there are numerous archaic and hand-painted authentic Old Vlach chalets and various wooden structures featuring different luxurious facilities that enbable variety of imaginative tourist services : unique luxuriously furnished lodging houses imitating the traditional style of Zlatibor architecture from the 19th century, “Lotika” and “Prokleta avlija” superb traditional restaurants /serving amazing local meals/, the Orthodox Church dedicated to Saint Sava, “Ivo Andric” Library, souvenir shops, tea-shop, cinema, swimming pool, gym, sauna, fully equipped convention hall etc.

Shargan Eight

Thanks to its comfortable accommodation and premium catering amenities and convenient congress facilities numerous international and local events are successfully held in Mecavnik Wooden Town Hotel.Rail is section of the railway that connects Western Serbia and Eastern Bosnia and West Morava and Drina Valleys. Sargan railway was built in 1925. In 13.5 kilometers away from Sargan to Mokra Gora station the railway climbs the altitude difference of 450 meters. The Sargan train route of the rail-track is remarkable and has shape of digit “eight”.

To pass distance from Sargan to Mokra Gora train goes over 5 bridges and through 20 tunnels. The Sargan railway track Mokra Gora is the narrowest in Europe /only 0.76 meters/. In 1974 the Sargan railway traffic was suspended and after reconstruction works in 1999 trains started to operate again. This unique landmark attract more and more visitors every year. “Wooden-town” combined with the “Sargain train” is the premium or even the best tourist attraction of Serbia.

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