Unique limo experience

Go back to the last century and why not even in 1939 when the Grand Prix of Formula 1 took place for its last time in Belgrade. Take a ride down the streets and boulevards of the Serbian capital with the luxurious old timers which will lead you to the charm of the past. These antique cars worth the admiration they are being given with its unique appearance, originality and comfort, some of the models capable to develop a speed more than 100kph. They are distinguished by leather seats, four speed gears, front-wheel drive and all these details made of them the avant-garde of the past time. 

Their specific design and beauty will attract attention at every step and take you to a bygone era whilst experiencing Belgrade. Some of the models in our collection are the Mercedes S170 which can develop a speed up to 122kmh, Citroen Traction Avant from 1953, Mercedes 500K (type W29) from 1934 , Chrysler Airstream from 1936 , Pontiac Star Chief from 1954 , Buick Electra 225 from 1960…

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