Downtown walking tour

We will see funny and interesting sightseeing:

THE BELGRADE FORTRESS is located on a hill overlooking the confluence of Sava River and the Danube. Over the centuries of sieges, battles and conquests, the fortress was repeatedly razed to the ground, rebuilt and restructered. The Belgrade Fortress consists of Upper Town, Lower Town and Kalemegdan Park.

KNEZ MIHAILOVA STREET the main part of the pedestrian area between Terazije and Kalemegdan Park. Called after Prince Mihailo Obrenovic.

PRINCESS LJUBICA’S RESIDENCE built in 1829 for the family of Prince Milos Obrenovic, and there lived his wife Ljubica and sons Milan and Mihailo. Today it houses a part of the ethnographic exhibition.

BELGRADE CATHEDRAL the church built in 1845 dedicated to Archangels Michail & Gabriel, with tombs of some members of the Obrenović dinasty.

THE SEAT OF THE SERBIAN PATRIARCH accros the street of the Cathedral with Ecclestical Museum.

KOSANČIĆEV VENAC paved in cobbled stones having the look of the town from the first half of the 19th century.

STUDENTS square and park with several buildings of Belgrade University, Etnographic Museum and Kolarčev narodni univerzitet.

REPUBLIC SQUARE with the National Theatre, National Museum and the equestrian statue of Prince Mihail Obrenović.

TERAZIJE the main squire called after the water level of the towers parts of the Turchish acquduct in existence there in the 18th century.

SKADARLIJA is the bohemian quarter of Belgrade and an unavoidable place to taste local specialties. Skadarlija is a vintage street. It is located in the Belgrade municipality of Old town and generally considered the main bohemian quarter of Belgrade, similar to Paris’ Montmartre.

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