Savamala is situated on the southern bank of the River Sava and was, in the 19th century, the first Belgrade city quarter to be erected outside the Kalemegdan fortress in the manner of a European city.

Savamala is only half a mile from Belgrade´s city center. It has a colorful history as port and center of trade and commerce and was once the most modern and urbane quarter of the city. In Savamala are some of the most beautiful examples of architecture from the 19th and 20th century along with a few relics of the Ottoman Empire. Cultural events such as the Cultural Center Grad (KC GRAD), Mikser Festival, and the design Incubator Nova Iskra are the pioneers of taking Savamala into its new improved direction.The tour will show you the city in the bohemian and contemporary perspective guiding you to underground and avant-garde places.

You will visit:

The Spanish House

KC Grad

Manak’s House


Bristol Hotel

Mikser Haus

Bosiljčić Confectionery

Nova Iskra

Streamtug Župa

Kafana Afburger

Crvena Zvezda Bakery

Branko’s Bridge


G12HUB Gallery

Magacin Gallery

Karađorđeva Street

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