Aleksandrovi? Winery

From the time immemorial the rolling hills of Oplenac were used to cultivate vines. A place of origin of the family Aleksandrovi? has deep connections with the ancient past.

During the Roman times that place was called Vincea, while in the Middle Ages it was called Vinica. Today the place is called Vin?a – which is a direct connection and association with the main activity of the local population. In the beginning of the XX century in nearby Vin?a, the Ven?ac Winemaking Cooperative was founded, and then vineyards and cellar of the Serbian and Yugoslav kings Peter I and Alexander I Kara?or?evi?, who spread the glory of wines from Oplenac far and wide, throughout Europe. The Aleksandrovi? family cultivates vines and makes wines for more than a century. From the very beginning they cooperated closely with the royal viticulturists and cellar masters and also were among founders of the Vin?a Winemaking Cooperative.

 When the famous royal cellar master Živan Tadi?, who immigrated to Canada after the World War Two, learned that the family Aleksandrovi? was restoring winemaking tradition of Oplenac, he consequently sent to Vin?a the original recipe – a blend composition of Trijumf – the best wine from the royal cellars. Trijumf was enjoyed on various royal courts before the World War Two. Therefore, in our cellar, based on yellow manuscript, we started writing new pages of the long family history of winemaking, relying on our ancestors’ experience, latest scientific advances and modern technology.


A village of Vin?a, at the foot of Oplenac, where Aleksandrovi? Winery is situated, was always known for viticulture and winemaking. Sunny slopes, a rich structure of the soil, favorable winds and mild climate represent a natural gift which is translated to the top quality wines from Aleksandrovi? Winery.


By applying the latest technology, carefully following global trends, scientific advances and the proud tradition of our older generations, Aleksandrovi? winery became the leader among the wine producers within the entire Balkan region.

In addition to wine production Aleksandrovi? Winery is engaged with the wine tourism. More than 15,000 people visit our winery annually, which clearly shows the very high level of services they offer. Their arrived both individually or as a part of the organized group visits.

It is possible to visit  vineyards and winery together with a qualified guide and also to taste all our wines. Apart from well-known brands such as Trijumf, Trijumf Barrique, Oplenac Selection, Harizma and Varijanta, wine lovers also may taste Trijumf Noir, Vizija and Rodoslov wines. Tasting room has a capacity to accommodate 60 people at any time.

Welcome to Aleksandrovi? Winery .