New Floating Attraction in Belgrade, ancient slavic ship replica, Belgrade, Serbia

Feel the Spirit of Ancient Times – New Floating Attraction in Belgrade!

With this new floating attraction in Belgrade, you can enjoy the history and experience a cruise in the capital of Serbia. Belgrade has always been a place where many cultures and civilizations collided and intertwined. A city of two majestic rivers, the Sava and the mighty Danube, dominated by ancient Belgrade fortresses.
This New Floating Attraction in Belgrade is a replica of an ancient Slavic ship from the 10th century with the dragon`s head on the forecastle. With raised sails it attracts attention to everyone without any doubt! This unique clinker built ship made of typical oak successfully achieved the epic march of more than 7000 km during the past 3 years.

The ship itself cruised over seven seas, starting in Zhigulevskoe Sea, the Sea of Azov, Black sea, Marmara Sea, Ionian, Aegean Sea, and finally Adriatic Sea.
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Numerous adventures such as high waves and the rough Black Sea stood in the way for the safe arrival in Belgrade`s quiet ports. In the 10th century a large number of these ships were used for trade between the Russian principality and the Slavic principalities in the Balkans. It is the only knight’s ship in the entire Europe of nowadays.

While cruising Belgrade rivers and discovering the untouched nature of its river islands, you may desire to become a medieval knight for just one moment. Prepare yourself and all your skills and knowledge because all of a sudden we may dock at the river`s bank to experience medieval arts while competing with bows and arrows, stone throwing and other forgotten pristine games. Just wait for the wind and release yourself to dragon`s wings to guide you to the past!

If you would like to enjoy this new floating attraction in Belgrade and experience a cruise up and down Belgrade rivers, Talas-S provides various programs to suite your needs. Contact us for more.

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