One of Belgrade secret Venues, Kalemegdan Gunpowder Wharehouse

Ever Experienced an Event at one of Belgrade Secret Venues?

One of Belgrade Secret Venues is the Gunpowder Warehouse! This is only one among many other interesting and unusual places rich in history.
If you want to impress your clients or to organize a cocktail, dinner or maybe even a concert, the big gunpowder warehouse is the place for you. This unique place is a Belgrade Secret Venues, located under the Belgrade`s fortress and it is a perfect match of the ancient times and the modern lifestyle.

It consists of the outer and inner parts, and it is considered to be one of the most acoustic spaces in Europe.
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The inner part of this Belgrade Secret Venue is perfect for art exhibitions, dinners, cocktails while the summer garden is a cosy place for the presentation of your company or team building activities. Originally this place was excavated in the early 18th century during the Austrian rule in Belgrade. It was used for storing gunpowder. Nowadays, there are 2 fascinating huge halls.

In the Big gunpowder warehouse there are monuments of old Singidunum (Belgrade), that is from the time when the city was ruled by the Romans. These monuments date back to the period from the first to the fourth century AD. There is a permanent exhibition of Roman monuments, steles, sarcophaguses and altars that were collected over the years at the locations of Belgrade, to the nearby mountain Kosmaj and Kostolac (former roman Viminacium).

If you are looking for Belgrade Secret Venues, fresh ideas and inspiration where to organize your business meeting, outdoor team building or unique event, Talas S DMC team is ready to share its enthusiasm and passion for Serbia with you! You’ve come to the right place!

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