Winter months can be “not-so-interesting” in Belgrade. Snow, cold wind and trees without leafs don’t inspire people about anything… But!
We have asked our 80-years-old compañero Branko to pick up our clients from Belgrade Airport “Nikola Tesla” by his 80-and-something-years old bus and to bring them downtown. Smile on their faces has encouraged us to tell them the truth: “Welcome to Belgrade, we are very sorry about the bus, this one is the youngest that we could find”.
Since our clients appreciated the old bus very much, we have decided to offer them a unique city experience – an unforgettable and memorable drive in a 40-year-old Yugo cars. While having a ride in these cars, they have experienced a part of the history in a car that was named after the country that does not exist anymore – Yugoslavia.
And just for the record, we didn’t just drive our clients through the city, we also enjoyed delicious Balkan cuisine in few Belgrade restaurants.

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